Franchises - Concept brief

Concept Brief

Established in 1995, with the first unit located in France, Mambo Pizza has taken off in a strong way by differentiating itself from competitors by offering superior product quality and speed of service.

Through the high quality of its pizzas, as shown by ranking 5th place at the World Pizza Championships in Italy, the owner of Mambo Pizza chose Dubai for its next expansion.

Today Mambo Pizza has a total of 3 units throughout Nice and 1 unit in Dubai, located in prime locations and has also a franchised unit.

Mambo Pizza’s goal is to be one of the leading pizza concepts, and intend to spread the concept in the GCC, Middle East and beyond. Mambo Pizza aims to achieve optimal return on investment and value growth in the industry.

Mambo Pizza serves multicultural low middle to high-end income customers. The size of a typical Mambo Pizza is between 800 sq. feet and 2,000 sq. feet with a customer flow of 70 to 100 checks per day.